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About Educated Investor

What We Do For You

The Educated Investor family of products is published by Precision Information, LLC, a leading provider of interactive financial education products. Precision Information’s customers benefit from the company´s proprietary database of more than 10,000 articles, tutorials, definitions, and quiz questions. Industry leaders such as Ameritrade, Morningstar, Intuit, and New York Life rely on us to provide accurate, reliable, unbiased, engaging and easy-to-use FINRA-compliant material through web and software applications. PI’s flagship programs include the Educated Investor® content and the Financial Fitness Challenge program.

Who We Are

Co-founders Joe Saari and Ed Harris founded Precision Information with the goal of helping people be better stewards with their money. The company brings effective online learning programs to the workplace in order to reach employees in all walks of life. Our flagship product, the Financial Fitness Challenge – is a highly effective, unbiased online financial wellness program proven to reduce stress, improve financial behaviors, and provide bottom line benefits for both employers and employees. The company is proud to provide interactive financial education content, technology and tools to over 1,000 companies and over 5,000,000 people.

Mission and Core Values

We are passionate about our mission to create interactive educational experiences that enrich lives. We are united in this effort by core values that enable us to pursue our mission with passion and purpose. We are committed to:

  • Do the Right Thing: Act with Honesty and Integrity in All That We Do.
  • Take Personal Ownership, Responsibility and Pride in Our Work.
  • Respect Others. Seek First to Understand. Then Look to be Understood.
  • Deliver Exceptional Sales and Service. Seek to “WOW” Our Customers!
  • Actively Invest in the Individuals and Communities We Serve.
  • Be Good Stewards of Our Resources. Practice Frugality and Thrift. Act with Humility.
  • Speak Softly.
  • Work as a Team to Deliver Exceptional Results